Case Rondonópolis - Terminal Multimodal da Rumo

The company's innovative proposal to use the railway network as a continuous production line is only possible with the use of the 4 BFDs, as they do not interfere operationally, as they accept the weighing of the engaged composition and the passage of locomotives over the Balanza area.

The wagons arriving from Santos loaded with fertilizers are weighed before entering Moega. After unloading the cargo, they pass through a cleaning terminal and are then weighed by the tare BFD. So these wagons are ready to add the new composition that will follow with grain to the Port of Santos. Again the BFDs will be in the process - they will be installed in January 2019, but now weighing the tare weight of the wagons and, after loading into the silo, the gross weight.

Thus the composition is ready to go on the journey, without wasting time and without fuel costs and pollutant emissions with hours of weighing maneuvers.

Installed Structure

6 Scales, being: Moega: 2 Tare / 2 Gross - Tulha: 1 Tare / 1 Gross - Working Conditions: Aggressive - SIMM S-02 scales (tare and raw) with IP68 protection.
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